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How to Make Your Yard More Private

Privacy Fence

Want to install a vinyl fence for your home? National Fence Systems reviews the perks of vinyl fencing for your home.

Privacy is desired for many different reasons and can be achieved in many different ways. Whether your house is too small and you want to expand your living space to the outdoors or simply enjoy the feel of your morning coffee without onlookers peering over, having privacy can be enjoyed by everyone. Today, National Fence Systems will show you some simple ways to achieve your dream of an outdoor oasis with plenty of privacy.

Why Do You Need Privacy?

Everyone requires privacy for different reasons. If any of the following cases sound familiar, then the best way to achieve privacy for you and your family would be to get a fence installed.

Your Neighbors Are Always out & Know What You’re Up To

If your neighbors are nosy about what you do in the outdoors, especially if they invite themselves over to join in on your grilling and swimming activities, it can get irritating after a while. Many people don’t like prying eyes from neighbors that are constantly gazing over to see what they’re doing all the time, while others don’t have good relationships with their neighbors and want to keep them at bay. If you have a pool or other areas that present a danger to children or pets, or you simply want to keep it secure from the eyes of the public, then a fence would be ideal for you.

You Live Near a Commercial District

With more and more people in New Jersey embracing the urban lifestyle, or at least desiring some sort of walkability, the hottest neighborhoods in NJ are a mix of commercial properties and residential homes. This is great and all, but it can be irritating not to have privacy in your own backyard. The smaller homes and mixed use blocks can create the need for more privacy because you want to block pedestrians from looking into your home. If you live near a hot spots like a coffee shop, supermarket, or bakery, then a privacy fence would be ideal for you.

You Have Pets & Children You Want to Protect

You know you have one of the hottest puppies in town—everyone wants him—but you don’t necessarily want everyone trying to lure him away—or worse, have him running into oncoming traffic. Protecting your pets and children is one of the most compelling reasons to have a fence installed around your home. Privacy fences will not only protect your pet from being lured off your property, but it will keep your children and pets safe from danger.

Making Your Yard Private with a Fence

Fences are the number one way to make your yard private. They are low maintenance, affordable, and a solid way to achieve privacy. They have been around for many years and are a fool-proof way of keeping your family safe and secure.

Wood & Vinyl Fences Are Perfect for Privacy

A privacy fence is a fence that is at least 6 to 8 feet tall and features solid panels that don’t have any spaces. This not only provides visual privacy, but it will also help as a sound barrier, especially if you live in a high traffic area or a place with a lot of noise. Privacy fences are great because they prevent unwanted eyes from seeing in. A solid privacy fence can even keep neighborhood dogs and wild animals away, which is especially important if you have small children.

Aluminum Fence Are Another Great Option

Aluminum fences are another great option; however, they do have gaps. If you love aluminum fences, then you can have one installed and grow climbing plants and vines through it, which will then fill in the gaps and give you more privacy. If you don’t want to block your view yet still want some privacy, an aluminum fence would be a great option for you. The spaces between the rails allow you to take in your views, while still giving you privacy. Plus it will protect you if your home has its back towards a wooded area where wild animals are known to frequent. Grow the right type of vines and your fence will not only have a purpose, but it will look beautiful too.

Smaller Fences Can Mark Your Space

Perhaps you already have a privacy fence around your home. Now all you’re looking for is a smaller fence to create an adult-only space in your backyard so your children know not to step in your garden. If that’s the case, a smaller fence would be ideal for you. It will create a private space within your own backyard without blocking the view. Smaller fences also work great for front yards, as they help you mark the perimeter.

Achieving Privacy without a Fence

It can be difficult to achieve full privacy unless you have a fence. But there are also a few ways you can get a little privacy in your yard. These ideas are great for separating spaces and protecting your home.

Use trees to make to make a vertical garden.

Similar to aluminum fences, a trellis is great because it is a vertical plant that you can use similar to a fence. A trellis is not that expensive and will work great if you have a place to plant it.

Plant Wildflowers or Bushes

You might want to consult with a professional landscape designer like ours here at National Fence Systems. We can help you figure out what trees, wildflowers, or bushes would work best for your home. Mountain Laurel or Buttonbush are great options. Similar to a trellis, the amount of privacy you get from plants will vary depending on the season.

Use Permanent Features Like Planters

A benefit of planters is that they will create a barrier, similar to that of a fence. Of course, everything you use with plants will look better when it’s their season.

The ultimate way to achieve full privacy for your home is to have a fence professionally installed. Let National Fence Systems come check out your yard and evaluate the property so we can help you decide the best fence to fit all your wants and needs.

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