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Top 5 Reasons to Add a Fence to Your Backyard

Thinking about adding a fence to your yard this spring? National Fence Systems, Jersey’s largest manufacturer and installer of fence systems, shows you the top reasons your home and family need a fence this spring.

Fences have long been an American household icon. Many years ago fences were used to distinguish property lines, or as meeting places for social gatherings between neighbors. Although fences are still common, not every home has one. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Your home and property can greatly benefit from installing the proper fence for your property and lifestyle.

With spring in the air, you might be debating whether or not to install a fence in your backyard for the upcoming year. If you’re teetering on the fence, here are the top reasons your yard needs a fence this summer.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

The right fence system completes your landscape. Without a fence, your yard is just open land. Fences help you outline your property lines and keep borders looking sharp amongst other homes in the neighborhood. There are several styles of fences, all of which complement different styles of homes. You can choose from different fence systems depending on your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. No matter what style you choose from, from wood, iron, wire, or vinyl, all of them are beautiful and can add the perfect look to your home, making it the envy of the neighborhood.

2. It Secures Your Pets

Do you have a dog? Are you afraid he or she will get loose and run through the neighborhood? Without a fence, pets can easily get lost, stolen, or even hit by cars. If you want to protect your furry little friend, a fence will do just that. You can work and sleep peacefully knowing your pet is safe and sound in the backyard. Plus, it promotes more exercise and playtime for them, no leash required.

3. It Provides Privacy

Sick and tired of your neighbors looking over to your home? Want to avoid awkward eye contact every day? Then a fence is exactly what you need. You can enjoy the privacy of your backyard without worrying about onlookers or nosy neighbors. This is especially beneficial for modern-designed homes. A fence will provide you the privacy you need, something hedges and shrubbery just cannot give you.

4. Prevents Trespassers

Worried about someone breaking into your home? A fence is a great deterrent, as it acts as an obstruction to keep intruders at bay. If you are afraid a neighbor might be coming into your backyard while you’re gone, a fence will keep them away. Homes without a border are susceptible to break-ins, and many people are known for using their neighbor’s pools when they’re at work. A fence will not only save you that awkward eye contact with neighbors, but it will protect your house and yard and anything you have in your backyard, like lawn equipment, shoes, garden tools, kid’s toys and playground area.

5. Protects Your Children

This has to be one of the best reasons to install a fence for your home. We don’t have to tell you about the many dangers that await your children, even in your own backyard. Installing a fence is one of the single most effective ways you can protect your young children. A fenced in yard will give your beloved children a safe area to run and play, worry-free. Fencing in your yard will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Are you thinking about adding a fence to your backyard this spring? Then let National Fence Systems provide you with an estimate for a fence system perfect for your home. The benefits are endless, and if you have pets, kids, or just appreciate safety and privacy, let us install the perfect fence and give you the peace of mind and privacy you desire and deserve.

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