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New Jersey Fence Company | Signs It’s Time for a New Fence

A high quality fence made out of top-notch materials is practically guaranteed to stand strong for many years. This is good news for homeowners, considering the cost to replace an entire residential fence. The bad news is that all wood fences will eventually deteriorate, especially here in a place like New Jersey that lends brutal weather in both winter and summer.

Even with regular maintenance, cleaning, staining, sealants, and repairs, the brutal weather in New Jersey will take its toll.

Whether your fence is designed to provide your home and family with security, privacy, or improved aesthetics, you can benefit from knowing when it’s the perfect time to replace a fence. If you’re wondering if now the time to get a new fence is, let the #1 New Jersey fence company, National Fence Systems, show you the signs you need a new fence.

There Are Broken Boards

Having to replace a fence board every now and then is normal with a wood fence, but beyond a single split board or a board that is splitting apart, you can run into fully destroyed panels that can cost a lot of money. Replacing a single wood panel is cheap, but not if you have many that need replaced. If your fence has become wobbly, then it’s time for a new fence.

There Is Missing Hardware

Wood fences are held together with a combination of screws, nails, and fasteners. All of these essential pieces keep the fence in place which is why if you notice hardware missing, then it’s time to take action because your fence will be weakened and wobbly. Strong winds, heavy rain, blazing sun, and heavy snowfalls will take a toll on the fence and cause the hardware to fall out.

There Is Rot in the Wood

Wood fences, especially in places that are susceptible to water, like near the beach or lakes, will rot quicker than those in dryer areas. Other causes of wood rot include not using the right type of wood, not staining every year, or not applying the right wood sealant. If you notice that the wood is soft to the touch, then you have rot. If the rot is large, then you need to replace your fence.

There Is Pest Damage

A quick way to end up with a damaged fence is not protecting it from pests. From insect infestation to birds pecking at the wood, fences can be susceptible to pest damage, which can cause it to fall apart right in front of your eyes.

Panels Are Leaning

There are many reasons why your fence could be leaning. You could have missing hardware or live in a very windy area. The wood could be rotted or the materials might be old. In short, a leaning fence is a sign of a damaged fence. You need to get a new one right away to prevent safety issues because it could collapse at any time.

There Is Visible Damage

Severe weather, car accidents, mowing accidents, and falling trees are a few examples of damage your fence could suffer in its lifetime. If your fence has suffered from any of those unfortunate examples, then you need to get your fence replaced.

There Is More Damage Than You Can Fix

Performing regular maintenance and taking care of your fence will help the fence last longer. However, if your fence is in poor condition, it would only make sense to invest in a new fence rather than fixing an old one. If you are unsure whether to replace or repair, contact us today to get a FREE quote.

You’re Unhappy with the Look of the Fence

Do you find that your fence no longer goes with the overall appearance of your home? If so, then you might want to consider installing a new fence. If you are looking for a new fence, contact the best New Jersey fence company today. We offer fence repairs and new fence installations. So whether you’re in need of a few repairs or need a whole new fence, we can help.

Call 732-636-5600 today and let us help you decide what’s best for your home, family, and wallet.

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