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Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Fence for Your Home.

Are you looking to purchase a fence for your home? The leading fence company in New Jersey, National Fence Systems, wants you to know and consider the following things before investing in a fence.

A fence is a great investment to add to your home. It can serve many purposes, such as keeping your children and pets safe, adding aesthetics and curb appeal, and bringing you and your family peace of mind. But before you decide to get a fence, National Fence Systems wants you to consider the following things in your decision.

Know What Type of Fence You Want

Privacy is one of the most important luxuries today, and it’s something everyone looks for when buying a home. Whether you’re barbequing in your backyard, playing tee ball with your children, or hopping into the hot tub, it’s great to know there aren’t any creeps lurking around watching you. This is where fences come into the equation for homeowners. Many potential home buyers turn away from the deal because of poorly designed fences that don’t provide privacy. Even if the property is stunning and perfect, not having the right fence will deter potential home buyers away.

Fences have different levels of security. For example, wooden and vinyl fences are a much better alternative than a chain-link, as they provide plenty of privacy. Chain-link fences are see-through and offer zero privacy in comparison to wooden and vinyl fences. If you have a pet, like a dog, then a wooden, vinyl, or electric fence might be what your property needs to keep your furry friend safe and on your property. It will also prevent wild animals, such as deer or bear, from coming in and destroying your property or attacking your pets and family.

It Adds Security

Before you choose to buy a fence, make sure you know what type of fence you want to buy. A great to figure this out is to ask yourself what you want the fence for. Is it to keep your children and pets safe? If so, you can go with a classic chain-link fence. If you’re buying a fence to block noisy and nosy neighbors, then you want something that is tall and solid.

Most likely, you will have several reasons for purchasing a fence. You might want to protect a garden, keeps dogs and children out of your pool area, or simply add aesthetics to your home. That’s no problem, because fences can serve many purposes. But the first step is deciding what type of fence to install on your property

Picking the Right Materials

It is important to understand what each fence material is meant for and how it will hold up. This is important because different fences are made from different materials. For example, a wooden fence is going to require occasional staining and sealing to prevent it from getting warped and damaged. You might also have it treated to prevent termites.

So if you think that a wooden fence is too much maintenance for you to handle, you might want to keep a vinyl fence in mind, as they don’t require much maintenance. This gives you the look of wood but with very little maintenance. Other options to keep in mind are aluminum, steel, iron, and bamboo fences. These materials are great and also have their own pros and cons

Combine Several Styles of Fences

If you’re looking to buy a fence at the most affordable price, consider mixing different fencing materials. Maybe you want something aesthetically appealing for the front of your home to show off to your neighbors and add curb appeal. But perhaps you don’t need to get that for the back and simply need a wood picket fence or chain link fence to keep your children and pets inside your yard and safe. This will save you a lot of money and reduce the maintenance while still serving its purpose.

Do Your Homework

There are rules in New Jersey when it comes to buying a fence. It is important to understand these rules and regulations before you install a fence. Here at National Fence Systems, we’re aware of all the rules and strictly follow them to ensure our valued customers don’t run into troubles down the road. But in case you’re handy yourself and want to do it over the weekend, you want to check with your homeowner’s association or municipality to ensure the fence you’re going to build doesn’t break any codes or regulations. Some codes or rules will restrict certain fences, materials, and heights, which is why it is so important to check before you build.

It’s also important to ask how far away your fence needs to be built from the sidewalk or road. Again, you don’t want any surprises down the road once the fence is already installed. Also, find out if you need a permit to build a fence on your property.

Let’s Go Green

When adding a fence to your home, you might want to consider adding living walls of plants to the fence. This will add a beautiful and natural look to the fence. However, adding plants to the fence will also require more maintenance on your part.

Be a Good Neighbor

Make sure that you talk to your neighbors about the fence you plan on building or getting installed. Try not to block their views. Another thing to keep in mind is that a fence can be shared by two neighbors.

Think of the Climate

Here in New Jersey, we have hot summers and very cold winters, which means you’ll need to use wood that is pressure treated to prevent damage, a problem you will not encounter if you use vinyl instead.

On the same note, if you’re building a fence that requires wood, you need to dig the holes 36’’ inches deep.

Dress It Up

You can customize your fence to fit your needs and style by using decorative posts or finials. Depending on the look and style of your home, you can either paint the fence, add flowers, or stain it.

Turn to the Professionals

More important than anything else is hiring a professional fence installation company with years of experience installing fences. Although DIY shows make it look so simple, installing a fence isn’t a walk in the park. It requires skills to ensure a quality job is done and that the fence will last. Call us today here at National Fence Systems and we will guarantee you a quality job on your new fence.

Our experts will help you choose the right fence for your home.

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