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The Perks of Having a Fence Installed During the Winter

Looking for a fence for your home this spring? Then you might want to start looking for a fence company right now because winter is actually the best time to get a fence installed.

Installing a residential fence during fall or winter has many benefits, not only on your budget but for your lifestyle, as well. Let’s take a closer look at why getting a fence installed during the winter months is ideal.

It Saves You A Lot of Money

Fencing contractors in New Jersey are just like any other company out there, which means we get busy during the spring and summer months. In order to keep our best workers on the payroll during the slower months of the year, fencing companies, like ours here at National Fence Systems, will provide clients with great discounts or upgraded products for the same price, as long as you invest in a fence during the winter months.

Imagine getting the custom-made fence of your dreams for a fraction of what it would have cost during the busy spring or summer months. Planning your fence project now gives you more time to work with our professional designers and determine where you can save to make your project stand out and look spectacular.

It’s Done in a Fraction of the Time

By hiring a fence contractor during the winter months, you’ll get a crew that is less busy, which means you won’t have to wait weeks to get your project started. Again, because contractors won’t have as many jobs, they’re most likely to assign a larger crew to your project, which means you’ll have your fencing project done fast. If you choose to wait for the warmer months to roll around, you’ll most likely be put on a waiting list, and the new fence you wanted for the summer probably won’t get done until the end of summer. So much for that summer kick-off party with all your friends, family, and neighbors.

Another timesaver comes from all the paperwork involved in the project, such as city codes. The permits can be processed quickly during the winter months since not so many people are applying during this time. If you have other work you’re considering getting done during the winter, such as a basement upgrade or pool renovation, we can work with your contractors to coordinate the project and minimize the disruption to your everyday life. We can help with anything you need to get your fence project done on time and in sync with your other projects.

It’s Landscape-Friendly

Working during the winter months, when a lot of your landscape is dormant, means it’s less damaging on them. If you have bushes around your property, or roses where the fence is soon to be installed, we can properly trim them back or relocate them to a different part of your home without long-term damage because they are dormant.

Your grass will also be dormant during the winter months and won’t be affected as dramatically as it would during the warm spring and summer months. If you do need to replace some plants or re-landscape areas where the fence is being installed, getting the fence project done during the winter months will give you a head start for the new plants in the ground to blossom during the spring months. By getting your plants in the ground early, you can ensure they’re in full bloom by summer. Our professional landscaping designers can help you figure everything out from beginning to end.

You Can Enjoy Spring in Your Backyard

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that you can enjoy your backyard early on in the beautiful spring weather. Whether you desire quiet time relaxing in your backyard while reading a book, relaxing by the pool, or inviting the whole neighborhood over for a big spring barbeque, you can do it without waiting until the job is completed later in the summer.Getting outside after the winter months have passed and before the summer heat is in full blast gives you relaxing and therapeutic time to enjoy to yourself. Now, that’s something you don’t want to miss, right?

Homeowners who have their fence projects started during the fall and winter months can get ahead of the game when the spring rush arrives. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of all. While your neighbors are busy scheduling their fencing jobs and waiting weeks and weeks until a contractor can show up, design, and actually start the job, you are already enjoying your finished fence project that you started in the winter. Why not welcome spring weather in style by grilling burgers, hanging out with family, relaxing, reading a book in the cool spring air, or playing with your kids in your backyard with the safety and privacy your new fence provides?

Don’t wait until spring or summer to start your fence job. The best time to start your project is now, during the winter months. As we told you earlier, you can save a lot of time and money and enjoy the fruits of your investment as soon as the snow melts away. If you are thinking about getting a fence installed on your property, we work year-round here at National Fence Systems and do residential and commercial fences of all types, colors, styles, and materials to ensure the best fit and look for each property.

While some companies hibernate when snow starts to fall, we’re fully staffed and ready to take on your project. We have all the equipment needed to work during the winter months, and our contractors have the experience to work under severe conditions to make our customers happy.

If you are interested in starting your fence project, contact National Fence Systems today at 732-636-5600 and let us come out and provide you with a free estimate that we know you won’t be able to turn down. We are New Jersey’s #1 fence company and are proud to have earned a solid reputation for success and customer satisfaction that can’t be beat..

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