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How to Deer-Proof Your Backyard This Winter

Sure, the sight of sweet little Bambi in the fall can be beautiful. After all, who doesn’t love a sweet little deer? But after investing all your time and efforts into your garden, seeing them munching on your harvest can surely be a major disturbance. And seeing them stomp all over your beautifully designed garden and yard can be frustrating. Unfortunately, deer aren’t going to stop visiting your home just because you don’t want them there. And now that summer is almost over, they’re going to be hungrier than ever, which is not good news for your plants.

Deer will eat just about anything. And this is especially true during spring, summer, and fall. Why? Because they’re trying to get full to endure the cold New Jersey winter. It is during the fall season that deer become hostile because food is getting scarce. They become scavengers, looking for anything they can eat to survive. It’s during this time that they will come into your backyard to eat your delicious crops, nice grass, and anything else you have growing back there. It is your delicious and nutritious plants they’re after. But even if you don’t have any delicious greenery, deer will still come to your yard to eat your woody shrubs, damaging your beautiful yard you worked so hard to achieve all summer long. So what can you do to keep these hungry little friends at bay?

Today, National Fence Systems will show you some options to keep in mind this year.

How to Keep Deer from Your Yard

Use Smells They Don’t Like: There are many smells deer don’t like that will help you protect your backyard. Some, in fact, are things you see every day, such as urine and eggs. Although no one is going to use those two options, there are other things deer don’t like, such as garlic cloves and soap. All of these things make smells that deer just can’t stand. That’s right, if you eat too much garlic, you’ll not only keep your friends at bay, but Bambi too. Bambi is known for hating the smell of garlic, so rub it all over your plants or hang it around your garden.

Deer Hate Noise, Movements, & Light: Deer don’t just dislike certain smells, they also hate noises, movement, and light, which is why homeowners have gotten very creative to keep deer at bay.

Hang CDs from your plants. When the wind blows, they make noise. And when the sun hits, they reflect the sunlight. Noisy wind chimes. This will make a lot of noise on windy days, keeping the deer at bay. Keep your dog outside. This will only work during the spring and summer. Install motion activated lights. This will frighten the life out of the deer and scare them away. Install motion activated sprinklers. Needless to say, deer will run away when they get hit with water.

National Fence Systems All of these things are great, but they’re also very junky. Who wants to have garlic cloves, CDs, and noisy wind chimes hanging all over their beautiful backyard?

If you really want to stop deer from coming to your backyard, you have one surefire solution that has worked for many years, and that is simply getting a fence professionally installed.

Keeping the Deer Out with a Fence: Getting a fence installed around your home will be the best thing you can do to keep deer out. However, deer are known for jumping very high so you need to have a fence that is at least 8 foot tall. We have built many fences for homeowners like yourself who always wanted to prevent deer from eating their hedges, gardens, and plants, and we can help you too.Installing a fence should be left to a professional with many years of experience installing fences. We will create the perfect fence so the deer cannot see inside your backyard and is not tempted to jump it. Deer are known for jumping fences, even bigger than you would think they could jump.

Plant Things Deer Don’t Like: While it’s true that a hungry deer will eat just about anything, there are a few things deer just can’t stand. Hedges and shrubs are every deer’s favorite food. But just like solid panel fences, thick shrubbery will give you privacy and keep the deer away. The trick is to plant them all around your yard because deer really dislike them.

Some of the shrubs deer hate include:

  • Arrowwood

  • Viburnum

  • Bayberry

  • Leatherleaf

  • Mahonia

  • Russian

  • Cypress

  • American Holly

These shrubs will keep the deer at bay but are not deer-proof like a fence. If you really want to keep the deer away, installing a fence is the number one way to do that year after year.

Plants Deer Love to Eat:

  • Yews

  • Rose bushes

  • Hydrangeas

  • Japanese holly

  • Sea holly

  • Evergreen azaleas

If you want to protect your harvest from being eaten up by deer, then you need to have a fence professionally installed. It is fall, deer season—the time the hungry deer will come around your home and destroy everything you worked so hard for all summer. Let us install a fence around your property to protect your home and yard for many years to come. It’s time to enjoy your yard without fear of Bambi inviting himself over to dinner every day.

The truth is, there is no way to guarantee that deer won’t nibble on your shrubs unless you install a fence. In fact, many people have tried some crazy things to keep deer away and failed. If your beloved plants are at risk, let National Fence Systems come out and give you an estimate for a fence. You can keep your plants as safe as they’ll ever be, all while keeping your backyard stylish and elegant. With a new fence installed, you’ll never have to worry about protecting your shrubs or garden again because your backyard will be a deer-free zone all winter long.

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